The Vault

Thunder Bay’s Premier Co-Work Space

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Our Co-Work space is designed to bring professionals together in an environment that promotes collaboration and excellence. Utilizing Harvard proven research for increased productivity, creativity and efficiency the Vault was designed to facilitate the many demands of business and life simultaneously.   We believe in creating an environment and providing the tools for excellence in business.  Ideal for the professional looking to collaborate and accelerate their business



Walk-in, put your laptop down and get to work. It’s that simple. No need to take long leases, no need to book whole rooms if you don’t need them and no need to sit in a noisy coffee space if you can avoid it.


Sometimes you need a little more room. Spread out your papers, host interviews or host important Skype calls. The Hot-Office options affords you choices between half-day, full-day and full-night passes. Choose between semi-private and private offices.


Host your important meetings at our venue. Fully private, noise-canceling, state-of-the-art boardrooms, fully equipped with A/V systems and teleconferencing. McKinley and Logan Boardrooms are available for day and night bookings.

Private Office

The Vault offers premium and executive class private offices that come fully furnished and afford you the privacy, space and flexibility you need to keep the upward momentum of your business going. 24X7 access, business class facilities, fitness center access and reception services. All in a premium downtown location!

The Vault Condos

Located in The Vault, the Lofts bring all of the north-core downtown to your doorstep. Walking distance from the Marina Park and other downtown attractions. The apartments have a high ceiling, a new hardwood floor, and a newly finished bathroom with a luxury shower. Large living room and open concept kitchen.

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